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Super Check

Hotel Manger Assistant
& Booking System


There is a need to beat the stemming competition in hospitality business by maintaining a database of customers and hence keeping them engaged and giving them more reason to keep returning because it is easier to maintain your existing customers than to dissatisfy them and keep on looking for new customers on daily basis.
Super check booking system gives a hotel reception, manager and director a platform to keep a regular database of sales, maintain VAT deductions and analyze performance on monthly basis.

The software was designed specifically to keep Hotel owners in the know of live saves at the hotel premises as they go about their other everyday business. ICT however has proven to hold a big future in our daily lives and this is just a perfect offer to hire ICT personnel (in form of partners) at very minimal and cheap price.


Manage Bookings

Super check has the ability to manage bookings and reservation

Sales Analysis

Graphically represents sales performance on daily and monthly basis


Maintain comprehensive sales ledger for all the cash inflow and outflow

Manage Customers

The System makes it possible to keep records of customers for the purpose of adverts and marketing

We Understand Your Concerns

Quick Questions

Q: Can we just pay you off for one-time installation?

A: Yes. However, if we will be hosting it for you, you will be required to pay annual maintenance fee, Hosting fee, SSL and domain renewal.

Q: What is the benefit of paying you people monthly?

A: If you subscribe to our monthly plans, you will be entitled to free maintenance and free computer services & maintenance. We will also be updating your software free of charge and we will also take suggestions for customization from you. Most importantly, you will not be required to pay for hosting, SSL and domain annual renewal differently.

Q: Will this make government officials able to track our sales?

A: No. They only have access to it when you grant them the access. However this software have a provision where you can be deducting the VAT on customers for each sales that way, your tax clearance will be easier for you and you will be in good terms with government officials because of your tax compliance.