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Schools Konnect is a secondary and primary school education management system that is used to synchronize entire school activities, database, records and most importantly help in making work easier for the school administrators and staff members.

We successfully developed a software that interconnects an entire educational environment giving room for monitoring performance of teachers & students.
Schools Konnect is a very robust educational system designed by Kowebtech Ict to manage result publication, Communication through SMS and emails, School fees, Attendance, Curriculum, Share resources etc.
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Key Features

Schools Konnect is a purpose driven software designed with full consideration of it’s viability and usability considering the minimum facilities available in a typical Nigerian School

The system have a very robust way of managing class list such as:

  1. Admin can add or remove a class or class sub-category
  2. After a class was added, the admin can assign sub-categories to classes. That means that the school system can have JS1 A, JS1 B and JS2 A without JS2 B (if that is the settings on ground)
  3. The class sub-categories can be renamed at anytime without altering the database.
  4. Students can easily be assigned to any class.
  5. The system have a provision for bulk promotion of students in the class list and it also have a provision where the form teacher can decide who will not be promoted during bulk class promotion.
  6. The class list is printable and readily available in excel format or PDF as the school may require at any time.
  7. There is also a graphical representation of the school population. This helps when trying to balance the density of students distributed across the classroom blocks.
  8. The class list is designed to be regular such that you can easily find students who are in “so so” class in “so so” year even though the students must have been promoted.

The system have a way of managing the subjects & learning processes in the school

  1. The admin can add as many subjects as possible and can also change the name of any subject when necessary.
  2. The admin can assign those subjects to classes offering them or remove them from classes that are not offering such subject.
  3. The admin can assign teachers to subject per class. This will make the subject available in the teacher’s dashboard for other teacher-specific operation.
  4. The system have provision to create curriculum for each subject per class.
  5. The system also have a provision to create timetable for each class.
  6. Timetables and curriculum will be visible to the parents and students. That way the parents can track progress on their own and escalate to the school authorities once a teacher or student starts lagging behind.
  7. The system also have provision for selective subjects. Selective subjects are automatic such that the teacher don’t need to record any score for the student on the subject he or she is not offering and the subject will not appear in the student’s result. On the same note, the system calculates average based on the subjects the student wrote instead of working a flat average for an entire class.

Schools Konnect Academic Portal can maintain a comprehensive attendance report. The form teacher has the access to mark attendance on daily basis and the system will automatically summarize the attendance report for the entire class and also for each student.

Sample of Attendance Report

A Sample of Attendance Report

Attendance reports are available to the parents, the school administrators, form teachers and also in the result print out (if the school opt for it).

The system adopts two methods for result computation. The system have online and offline methods.

    1. ONLINE METHOD: This method enables the teacher or staff to update results real-time. The advantage is that it is immediately synchronized and every entry hits the broadsheet as soon as it is saved. However, this method would require that the school have an active data/network connection through out the process of result recording. As soon as scores are entered, the online form automatically sums up the total and determines the grade.
    2. OFFLINE METHOD: Due to high cost of internet data services and the fact that some schools are located in a remote area, not to forget that most teachers are not proficient with computer, we made it possible for the school to collate and record their result using Microsoft Excel workbook offline. The workbook will be downloaded from the portal and later uploaded back to synchronize with the broadsheet.


Sample of result sheet



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We will keep on upgrading the portal at no extra charges. This is to ensure that the software keeps on serving you better. This is also to ensure that the security system is well strenghtened.

We prepare you for the future society where cashless policy will take effect; The future where all external examinations will be computerized

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